Issues with broadband access

I have just sent out a survey on broadband access in my local area to the residents of Haughley, Haughley Green and Old Newton. While most local residents don’t consider that they live in a “remote” rural area, they have long suffered from very poor broadband access.

The survey is designed to get detailed information on actual demand, likely levels of usage and price in order to help us in discussions with local government, BT and other local providers.  This initiative goes one step further than the Erebus survey that many residents completed.  The Erebus survey ( asked individuals across the east of England to register demand for next generation broadband services and many residents completed this.

The fact than many people in Haughley, Haughley Green and Old Newton don’t have access to broadband is becoming an increasingly serious issue. More key services, such as on-line banking, education and also local council are assuming that people have fast, reliable connections, and there is a danger that those without it will be seriously disadvantaged.

We have been actively campaigning to keep this important issue in the spotlight, meeting with both BT and other local providers to explore all the possibilities.  We hope that a solution, where everyone in this area is connected to fast broadband without having to pay higher costs, is within our reach.


2 Responses to “Issues with broadband access”

  1. 1 Warren Taylor-Holt November 14, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    We have just moved to haughley green and can not get any droadband what so ever, after hours of phone calls with BT they said we should be getting brodband in the next 6 months… I really hope this is true as it is very hard to even send a email via 3g as that is poor in this area to, i am having to get in my car and park up at tesco stowmarket 4 miles away just to send some emails, all this could be avoided if we just had droadband.
    We live only 3 miles away from the exchange why cant we get it..
    I was told the other day that a small island in scotland with a lot less people than haughley green has broadband….. This is not right.

    • 2 racheleburne November 14, 2012 at 1:19 pm

      Yes I agree it is very frustrating. I’ve been campaigning on this issue for the last few years and hopefully we are now getting somewhere. I regularly email (!) an update on how broadband is progressing. If you’d like to be on this list please let me know – and if you’d like to discuss further, please give me a call.

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