News for November

As you may be aware, Babergh District Council and Mid Suffolk District Council have agreed to progress towards a merger.  This decision was taken separately by each Council at their meetings at the end of September.  Financially this merger aims to save approximately £3.3m across the two councils and this would make a significant indent into the potential 25% (£7.2 million) reduction in costs over four years.

The earliest date of the merger would now be April 2013, not 2012 as originally proposed.  There will be a public referendum on this in May 2011, at the same time as the District Council elections.

The Council will also now be looking at which, if any, of Suffolk County Council’s services they can take on as a merged council as part of Suffolk County Council’s “divestment” programme.

Many residents have raised their concerns in the last few months regarding travellers in the local area.  The appropriate teams at Mid Suffolk District and Suffolk County Councils are continually working with the Community Police Support Officers to resolve the issues that this is causing and are aiming to provide a permanent solution by mid November if not before.


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