February News

The broadband infrastructure is being updated for the Stowmarket telephone exchange.  Residents in Haughley may notice work being done on the roadside “cabinets”.  I have been advised that this work has been brought forward due to local pressure and in the next few months this should result in access to better speeds for those in that area.

The draft budget for 2012/13 is being put together at Mid Suffolk.  The Council is expecting a total budget spend of just over £10 million.  Just under half of this will be met by the finance settlement from central government of approximately £4.3 million (compared to approximately £5m for 2011/12).  Income from council tax will make up most of the balance.  Currently all services are expected to be maintained, although there may be some small increases in charges, with savings coming from the programme of integration with Babergh District Council.

At the time of writing, the council has yet to make a decision on whether or not to take up the government’s offer of a one-off grant in exchange for freezing council tax.  The grant is worth £136,000 but is only valid for one year so, if accepted, to keep to the same budget next year, the council would either have to increase council tax or make significant cuts – and these could be greater if the finance settlement is reduced again.


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