March news

The budget for 2012/13 has been finalised at Mid Suffolk.  The recommendation to councillors was to accept the Government’s council tax freeze grant of £136,000.  It is noted that, as this is a one-off grant, this will mean a difficult year in 2013/14 when further reductions in Council funding are due.

At the same time, recommendations were made with regards to the extra debt councils are being asked to take on.  As part of the Government’s reforms of council housing finance, local councils have to take on their share of the national housing debt.  In return they get to keep the rent income rather than return some of it back to the Government – albeit with conditions attached.

The snow in February had some impact on the waste services and there was a delay in many bins being collected.  The brown bins were not collected while the waste team caught up with collecting the black bins.


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