Broadband – fibre optic cabling…

Many of you will have noticed various vans along the roads installing cabling.  The current installation is of fibre optic cable, running from Stowmarket, to Haughley and then via Haughley Green to Bacton.   For the next stage, this needs to be connected up to the cabinets for improvements in line speed.

 A planning application has been made to install a new cabinet just round the corner from the existing cabinet next to the bus shelter in Haughley (next to 2 Station Road).  This cabinet serves most of Haughley and Haughley Green.  I understand that that this cabinet will be fibre-enabled and, once in place and “live”, will greatly enhance broadband services in the area.

There is no date for this work (the application goes before Haughley Parish Council next week) and in a similar situation it was some months between installation of the cabinet and the fibre becoming operational – however a step in the right direction!

With regards to the Suffolk-wide Better Broadband project, I have raised our concerns that properties on the edge of Haughley and in Haughley Green may be at risk from not being part of the project nor benefit from the BT investment.  I’ve been told that these concerns have been “taken on board” and will be included in the contract discussions.  In the meantime I understand Suffolk County Council is still waiting on the EU decision as to how the public funds can be used.


4 Responses to “Broadband – fibre optic cabling…”

  1. 1 Stuart Buttle November 27, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    A most welcomed update as to the village broadband, however you say that the cabinet serves “most of Haughley and Haughley Green” – How am I to know if my house, close or road even falls within that category?

    • 2 racheleburne November 30, 2012 at 10:52 am

      Difficult to know without talking to a BT engineer however when fibre is activated from the Stowmarket exchange to Haughley this should improve services for most households in the village. It is those on the periphery that may not get a good service.

  2. 3 Warren Taylor-Holt July 16, 2015 at 1:57 pm

    I was just wondering what the upto date info on the broardband in Haughley Green is?

    • 4 racheleburne July 17, 2015 at 8:25 pm

      We are waiting to hear when work will start in Haughley Green. We expect to be told within the next month and I’ve previously been told that work should start here soon after that with a first connection by Christmas. However I think the majority will be in the Spring or later. I don’t know yet what “solution” Suffolk County Council and BT say we will get but I understand it should still be based on a cabinet in the centre of Haughley Green. I haven’t sent any updates out lately as I waiting to have this August / September meeting so I know it will be definite!

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