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Parliamentary visit – Homelessness

This week (Monday 27th November 2017) I represented the LGA (Local Government Association) giving evidence to the Communities and Local Government Select Committee in Westminster.  The session was on the Code of Guidance for councils on the Homelessness Reduction Act.

I sat alongside a representative from London Councils and gave evidence after the homeless charities Crisis and Shelter.  The Minister responsible was questioned after us.

This Act comes into force in April 2018 but some of the legislation relating to it hasn’t been passed yet; Councils have been given some money towards it but not enough (given it is being taken away in other areas) and various aspects still have not been confirmed.

The idea of the legislation is good – Councils have a duty to prevent homelessness rather than just deal with it when it becomes a crisis.  I expect the implementation will go ahead but it would be better if it was more coordinated and complete so that local government could make a success of it.

Select Committee 271117


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